Facilitator MOU

Facilitator MOU | Terms & Conditions

This form gives Events 365 a brief overview of your personal and work history, qualifications and business plan. It also contains a Confidential MOU which is binding on you, Your Organization and on Events 365.
On receipt of this form Events 365 will send you further detailed information required for the registration process. Henceforth final registration will be after fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
On receipt of this form Events 365 will send you further detailed information and arrange a phone meeting.
Please answer all questions.

Confidentiality MOU

This MOU is between Events 365 (“Events 365”, “us’”, “or”, “our”) and Facilitator Applicant (“You”, or “Your”, “own”, “he”, “she”) (“The Facilitator Enquirer”).
The Facilitator Enquirer wishes to evaluate the Events 365 business in order to decide whether to apply to become a Facilitator of Events 365 for this purpose of doing business.
Events 365 agrees to provide the Facilitator Enquirer with confidential information relating to the operation of an Events 365 Facilitator.

Minimum requirements to own Facilitator

  1. Shop size should be 300 -500 sqft. carpet area

  2. Should have good social contacts as well as local vendor contacts.

  3. One computer is must at the Facilitator office or shop.

  4. Candidate have 2+ year work experience in event management company.

The Facilitator Enquirer and Events 365 understand as follows:

  1. You understand that you will keep confidential all of the information provided to you by us and that you will not, without our prior written consent, disclose any of that information to any third party (your professional advisors excepted). You acknowledge that this understanding is also given on behalf of any entity or associate under your influence or control.

  2. Without limiting the general nature and extent of this understanding, the information which you understand to keep confidential and not disclose to others includes our technology, know-how, trade secrets, documents, files, records, reports, plans, trademarks (including trademarks pending), feasibility studies, business plans, Facilitator MOUs, operating manuals, Facilitator disclosure documents and marketing plans.

  3. You understand that the sole purpose for which you are seeking access to the information is for you to decide whether to apply for one of our Facilitators.

    You understand that you will not use the information for any other purpose or for your own benefit or to improve, construct or change another business in any way.

  4. We agree to keep confidential or any confidential information provided to us by you (our vendors and professional advisors accepted who will do likewise).

  5. This MOU will continue in time but will not apply to any information which:

    (a) Is already known to the other party at the time of disclosure;

    (B) is in the public domain at the time of disclosure;

    (c) Is disclosed to the receiving party by a third party; or

    (d) Enters the public domain after disclosure otherwise than through a breach of this MOU by one of the parties.

  6. You acknowledge that the execution of this MOU does not oblige us to disclose any particular information to you and we retain absolute discretion as to which information we disclose to you.

  7. You undertake that you will, upon our request, immediately return to us all information, documents and other materials we supply to you. You further undertake not to retain any copies of any such information, documents or material.

  8. You agree that you will not rely upon information provided by us in deciding whether to apply for one of our Facilitators without first obtaining independent financial and legal advice.

        By Accepting Terms & Conditions on Behalf of Events 365 below

        I agree, as the Facilitator Enquirer, to be bound by the terms of the above Confidentiality MOU;

I acknowledge that:

  1. Events 365 will or may rely upon the information in this form when deciding whether to accept an application I may later make for an Events 365 Facilitator.

  2. Events 365 may decline to accept any application I may later make for an Events 365 Facilitator without giving reasons for their decision.

  3. In completing and returning this form, neither Events 365 nor its associates are under any obligation to me whatsoever except that they must treat all the Information I have supplied in the strictest confidence; and

         I declare that all the information supplied in this form is true, correct and complete.

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